100% of patients would refer family and friends to Dr. Michael Doblin based on reviews and ratings.

Patient Reviews

I absolutely love the sleep appliance! No more snoring and it allows me to feel more rested.

C. Messick Ewing PD

I am very pleased with this mouth guard because 1) My snoring has been controlled to almost nothing and 2) The device can not compare to the CPAP I was first given by another doctor. I am very happy I came in to inquire about the oral device.

Glenn CunninghamWoodbridge - November 29, 2018

Deje de roncear y me levanto con mas energia y no me siento sonnoliento. (I stopped snoring and I wake with more energy and I no longer waking up tired.)

Carlos MartinezFords, NJ - November 29, 2018

Dr. Doblin is one of the NJ Blue network of doctors who treats first responders and has successfully treated many for sleep apnea; and would be an asset to the Port Authority and your employees.

Bernard Kerik, New York City Police Commissioner (retired)September 2018

I am president of Local 197 of the Passaic County Sheriff’s Department. I have known Dr. Doblin for over four years. I am his patient and an advocate for his support of law enforcement. He has helped myself, my wife, and many people I know personally in law enforcement. I highly recommend Dr. Doblin of Snore no More and know he will be able to help your employees.

John WelshSeptember 2018

I am both a Lieutenant of the Passaic County Sherriff’s Department and a patient of Dr. Doblin. He has treated me successfully for sleep apnea and I have and will continue to refer people to Dr. Doblin.

Lt. George RosarioSeptember 2018

I am a Sergeant of the Passaic County Sheriff’s Department and a patient of Dr. Doblin. I recommend him to anyone I know who has sleep issues.

Dzengis IljazySeptember 2018

As editor and chief of Blue Magazine, a Law Enforcement publication in NJ, I have nothing but high regards and respect for Dr. Doblin. I am his patient and have always recommended him not only for his professionals, and treatment but for his devotion to our first responders.

Daniel DelValleSeptember 2018

Since I’ve started using Dr. Doblin’s appliance I have felt a significant difference in my day to day life. Not only have I stopped snoring, I’ve lost weight, and I have an energy I haven’t felt in years. Even the follow up sleep study showed I went from severe sleep apnea to mild sleep apnea! I wear the mouth piece faithfully and swear by it to anyone that may be suffering from sleep issues.

B.W., Paterson Public School TeacherSeptember 2018

I use a FitBit device connected to my phone and it shows that my restlessness went down and I’m up to 9.5 hours of sleep now. The first few days took some getting used to but I am able to sleep better at night, my wife too! I highly recommend At Home Sleep Solutions, thank you Dr. Doblin!

Jose M.June 29, 2015

Dear Dr. Doblin, I want to thank you and your staff for the wonderful care I received at your facility and allowing me to sleep better. The oral NuSleep appliance is extremely easy to use and I recommend it to all that need it, Thank you!

Robert G.May 21, 2015

Dr. Doblin was great! Very comforting and professional. Really took the time to ensure the best result. Will definitely be back again!

Daniel D.May 5, 2015

Very satisfied with service. Dr. Doblin was careful and explain everything, friendly along with helping me decide what was needed and best for me.

Pat W.April 21, 2015

Great experience with Dr. Doblin, Can’t wait to come back- love the results!

Barbera B.April 16, 2015

After years of loud snoring and unrestful sleep, I have gotten my life back.

Derek G.April 14, 2015